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3 Things to Know About NIL Today

NIL can be confusing. Most players would like to use it, but don’t know how. The same goes for businesses...

  • Most players aren’t even involved.

40% of all deals are currently in D1 football and 60% of the money is there as well. The massive majority of NIL money/opportunity is tied up in D1 football programs, sprinkled in with big deals for "IG celebrity" college athletes who have social media-driven contracts with brands for up to six figures.

  • Most players are getting nothing.

From D1 to D3, most are not using any of their NIL rights. It’s confusing, messy, and not usually enjoyable. There are high level players at the Division I level who are getting $0 for their personal brand. This is a travesty that should be remedied. However, those who work hard day in and day out at the Division 3 level should have the opportunity to take advantage of these NIL rights too! And it is possible.

  • Most players aren’t hiring agents and lawyers.

PHP is run by recently graduated former players... None of us were superstar, Instagram-famous athletes. We are normal people and wouldn’t have hired a sports agent to get NIL deals either. Realistically, unless a player is prepared to make large figures off NIL deals, they do not need legal representation (from a lawyer or agent) to find deals, nor do they need it to sign them.

We want to help the everyday athlete take advantage of their NIL rights, grow their personal brand, and prepare for a future with skills and knowledge that they can take beyond the court. PHP is built by athletes, for athletes.

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